Rip Current Tips

Rip Current Tips

Oregon beaches typically have no life guards patrolling  public beaches, so knowing how rip currents work and how to get out of them can help to save your life!

What is a Rip Current

A Rip Current is a strong narrow current heading from shore back out to sea, returning the water seaward that is pushed in from the wind, waves, and the tide.

How to Escape a Rip Current

If you get caught in a rip current, don’t panic, that wastes energy. Do not paddle directly against a rip current as you will get exhausted. Paddle parallel to shore toward where you see  breaking waves pushing in toward shore. Most rip currents are not very wide, so by paddling parallel to shore you should be able to paddle out of the rip current and then paddle diagonally away from the rip current and toward shore to escape the grip of the rip.

Learn how to identify and escape a rip current if your caught in one.

Rip Current Information Brochure



Rip Current Flyer





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