Lincoln City Skate Park

Lincoln City Skate Park


Lincoln City is home to the largest skate park in Oregon. Since it’s debut in 1999, Thrasher called it “America’s gnarliest skatepark”. That was only the beginning for the Dreamland team. For nearly 2 decades some of the biggest names in skateboarding have traveled to Lincoln City to film and compete. This is only one of many skate parks by the Dreamland team.

In 2003 the cradle was constructed. Featuring a large covering to protect from the rain, and a wide variety of transitions. A few years later the Snake run was constructed. Home to a colossal bowl with pool coping, locals refer to as ‘The Clam’.

The park features over 40,000 square feet of concrete, a picnic table, lights, and a small Grill. Helmets are required on riders under 16. But we suggest everyone wear a brain bucket. Bikes and scooters are not allowed. The park is unsupervised and open from dawn to dusk.


Kurtis Park, Lincoln City, OR 97367


Turn east from HWY 101 onto 22nd, it’s on the left adjective to the ball field







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