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Tony Gile Photography

Tony Gile Photography


Safari Town Surf has added Tony Gile Photography… Tony’s wave and ocean images to our website and online store. Tony likes to capture breaking wave images when he’s not out surfing, or working at the shop. With more people asking if any of his prints were available for sale, we decided to add a few of his photos to our website. Hope you enjoy them!

Here’s a link to Tony’s Prints. Order Prints Now!

About Tony

Tony started surfing when he was 12 years old, and developed a love for the ocean at a very young age. Tony uses his wave knowledge developed from over 30 years of surfing experience to help him capture his breaking wave surf images. This requires him to swim right into the impact zone, to  capture the hidden beauty and power of the beautiful breaking waves. Each wave photo is one of a kind, and available in various sizes.

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