Neoprene Cement


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Black Neoprene Cement

  • 4oz can with applicator brush
  • Industrial strength
  • Vapors Harmful and Extremely Flammable
  • See caution label on can

Product Description:

Black Neoprene Wetsuit Cement is a great product for repairing seams, rips, or tears in your damaged wetsuit. Neoprene wetsuit cement can also help you to get a little more life out of that old, or damaged wetsuit. If you need to apply a neoprene patch or even neoprene tape, wetsuit cement can help you to make quality repairs that will last, when used properly. See our How to fix your torn wetsuit article to help you make quality wetsuit repairs.



Please read the warning label on the can! Shake well before using. Apply cement on both edges of damaged area with applicator brush Allow first coat to dry for 5 minutes. Apply second coat and allow to dry for 10 minutes. Press together firmly for lasting repairs. For a more detailed description on fixing your wetsuit see the link below.


How to fix a torn wetsuit



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