How to Fix a Torn Wetsuit

How to fix a torn wetsuit

How to Fix a Torn Wetsuit

If your wetsuit has been torn, ripped, sliced, or even had a seam split apart, this article will show you how to fix your torn wetsuit. You can get more life out of your current wetsuit, and get back out in the water quickly with very little cost! Just follow these 6 easy steps and you will know hot to fix a torn wetsuit.

1. Your wetsuit must be clean and dry and turned inside out

If your wetsuit has remaining moisture in it, wetsuit repairs will not be as strong, and may not hold up very well. Make sure your wetsuit is completely clean and dry before starting the repairs. You want your wetsuit to be bone dry!

2. Things you will need

You will need a small piece of neoprene (as long as the rip or tear plus an extra inch). You may be able to find a piece of neoprene at a local surf shop. I like to use 1mm -3mm neoprene for my repairs. If you can’t find regular neoprene, ask for some wetsuit neoprene tape. You will need a small can of black neoprene cement (Please read warning label!) and use in a well ventilated area, also avoid direct contact with the skin.

3. Prep the wetsuit.

Take the small piece of neoprene you have and cut a 1″ wide strip. Cut it as long as your tear plus about one inch extra. This will be your neoprene wetsuit tape. Put the neoprene tape on a piece of cardboard off to the side for now. Make sure wetsuit is still inside out, and spread apart the wetsuit tear and clamp apart, so both the torn edges will not be in contact with each other. Shake up neoprene cement, and apply a thin layer of the glue to both the torn or ripped edges of the neoprene. Be careful to keep both edges apart. Let the first coat dry for 5 minutes and apply a second thin coat to the wetsuit tears. You will now wait about 8 minutes depending on temperatures, and how thick you applied the neoprene cement.

4. Put the tear back together

After letting the second coat of neoprene dry for approx 8 minutes and making sure their are no shinny areas of neoprene cement, remove the clamps from the wetsuit. Do your best to align the torn or ripped edges back together evenly. It is like contact cement so be careful. If you are a little off lining the tear back up it is better to leave it than to pull it apart. As you may then have to repeat with another coat of cement, and wait another 8 minutes. After aligning neoprene press together firmly all along the repair.

5. Putting the wetsuit tape on

After you glue the wetsuit back together and you are happy with your repair, make sure the wetsuit is still inside out. Put a thin coat of cement on your neoprene wetsuit tape and a thin layer of cement on the inside of the wetsuit along the length of the repaired tear. If your tape is one inch wide have the neoprene cement cover a little wider than that to make sure the tape will get a good bond when you apply your tape to the inside of the tear. Let first coat dry for approx 5 minutes. Now apply a second thin coat of neoprene cement on the wetsuit neoprene tape, and on the inside of the wetsuit all the way along the repaired area. Now wait approximately 8 more minutes and then put the tape over the tear on the inside of the wetsuit and press the tape firmly down. Try also to press the neoprene tape edges down as well for an extra strong bond.

6. Let your wetsuit repair dry and go surfing!

I like to let wetsuit repairs dry for at least a few hours (preferably over night). I have had to fix some wetsuits where the surfer needed to go out surfing right after the repair was finished. Sometimes that may work, but sometimes the repair does not have a chance to bond as well, and you may have to redo the wetsuit repair again. Not the end of the world, but it is better to give the repair a little time to dry. Well, with this repair method and the extra tape over the wetsuit tear, your wetsuit should be super strong and leak proof now. Keep an eye on the tape and if you see any of the edges start to come up, dry the wetsuit out and re-glue the tape down. I hope this helps you! I have used this method to fix countless wetsuits.

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