Channel Islands Surfboard Review The New Flyer

Local surfer & Safari Town Team Rider Irwin Langeberg reviews the New Flyer by Channel Islands Surfboards.

Channel Islands Surfboard Review The New Flyer

Channel Islands Surfboard Review The New Flyer – Wow, with so many amazing Al Merrick models/designs to choose from, it’s fun to give a little feedback on some of my favorites.  Originally, I was looking at The New Flyer as a board for softer summer surf without sacrificing the feel of a standard squash tail when the surf came up a bit (as it quickly does around here).  I prefer to not bounce back and forth too much between a flatter/fatter small wave design and my go to all around performance shortboard.  3 years ago I took The New Flyer as a back up board on a trip in case the surf dropped and I needed more glide on the small stuff.  Boy, was I surprised when I paddled out and caught my first wave on this board.  Sure, it went amazing in the small stuff but,  what I didn’t expect was how well this board also performed when the swell came up.  The rail to rail quickness and tight arcs you get out of this board in the smaller stuff also translates to solid head high point waves and beach breaks.  I absolutely love the rail to rail speed this board generates with the spiral vee bottom and, how effortlessly it redirects and releases in the pocket.  No doubt, the classic Merrick hip in the tail is responsible for creating the feel of the shorter rail line as described on the website.  I ride this design in all conditions and I feel it becomes even more lively as the surf gets better.  Don’t be afraid to order this board smaller and a bit wider than your standard go to board.  The rails are just a bit fuller but, it still foils out nicely so it doesn’t feel thick.  I kept the thickness of my standard and it floats great.  You may even find yourself redesigning your quiver around The New Flyer as I have.  If you’re considering trying a shorter/wider high performance surfboard that performs well in the small to medium stuff, give The New Flyer a spin.  You won’t be disappointed.

Irwin Langeberg


Channel Islands Surfboard Review The New Flyer Irwin Langeberg Irwin Langeberg

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