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Are E-Bikes Allowed on Oregon Beaches?

We get a lot of question from visitors asking if we rent e-bikes for riding on the beach?

We do not rent e-bikes. E-Bikes are only allowed on sections of the Oregon coast where people are currently allowed to drive cars and trucks. In Lincoln City you don’t really have a lot of options. Motor Vehicles are allowed on the beach at NW 15th street, but that is mostly just to park on the beach.

Traditional non motorized bicycles are, however, allowed on most Oregon Beaches. Always check with Oregon State Parks, Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept, BLM, or US Forestry Dept to make sure it’s legal to ride a non motorized bike on the beach where you wish to ride, or for current rules and regulations.

In Lincoln City we have 7 miles of beautiful beaches and there is no better way to explore them than on a non-motorized fat tire bike. Fat tire bikes have a 3.5- 4.5 inch wide tire that cruises over sand and rough terrain with ease and allows you to go for bike rides right on the beach. Cruising down the beach on a fat tire bike will make you feel like a kid again. Its hard to put into words, but to ride a bike right next to the beautiful pacific ocean with the waves crashing beside you is an experience you won’t want to forget.

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