Ding All Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit



Ding All Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit

  • For epoxy surfboards
  • 2oz epoxy resin 1oz hardener
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • 2 grade sanding sponge
  • Quick instructions
  • Mixing sticks and cup
  • Cover sheets

Ding All Epoxy Surfboard Repairt Kit Description:

The Ding All Epoxy Surfboard Repair kit has everything you need to repair most epoxy surfboard dings. This kit comes complete with 2 parts epoxy resin, fiberglass cloth,  sandpaper, cover sheets, quick instructions and mixing sticks and cups. The Epoxy Ding All Repair Kit will repair both polyester and epoxy surfboards. If you need a traditional polyester surfboard repair kit see the Ding All Standard Surfboard Repair Kit here!


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