Powell Peralta Caballero Dragon & Bats Reissue Skateboard Deck


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Powell Peralta  Caballero Dragon & Bats Reissue Skateboard Deck


Powell Peralta’s Description:

Some history:

In 1987 street skating was rapidly gaining popularity. Steve Caballero not only excelled at vert skating but was a top contender on the “Street-Style” circuit. Powell-Peralta decided to introduce an additional Cab deck model specifically designed for street. Artist V.C. Johnson created a new dragon graphic with a bats & bones background. Cab’s name was also created in the bat shape since Cab was into Batman at the time. The Powell-Peralta logo was made using the Animal Chin font, also a sign of the times.

Color: Yellow with red bats.

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Brand Powell-Peralta
Deck Shape 157
Deck Concave SP3
Deck Wheelbase 15.125″
Deck Length 29.75″
Deck Width 9.625″
Deck Nose 3.5″
Deck Tail 6.88″


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