Orangatang Wheels In Heat Orange


Set of 4 Wheels

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 Orangatang Wheels In Heat Orange Set of 4

Orangatang Wheels In Heat Orange 75mm tall with a Contact patch (width of wheel in contact with ground) of 56mm. Now available in a harder 86a (yellow),  83a (Purple), as well as a softer 80a (Orange). These wheels are intended for grippy, hard carving, pumping and speed. They will slide when broken in, but they aren’t freeride wheels. For a more slide oriented wheel check out the Durian Free Ride Wheels. The In Heat Wheels feature an offset design, with hard sharp edges for grip, thick lips for maintaining speed, and rippled inner walls for progressive energy return. The In Heats are a popular wheel for speed-boarding in high speed grip and rough road courses due to their size and wide contact patch.

Wheel Features:

  • 56mm Contact Patch
  • 80 a Durometer
  • 75mm Size
  • Bright Orange Color
  • Hard Sharp Edges
  • Rippled Inner Wheel Wall for Progressive Energy Return
  • Sold in sets of 4

Orangatang Wheels Product Information

Orangatang Wheels are Growing to be one of the most recognized longboarding skateboard wheels in the industry! Orangatang has helped to bridge the gap for freeriding slide wheels, and now offers a wide range of freeride longboard wheels ranging in different sizes, durometer, and color. See the Orangatang Durians, Stimulus, and Fat Free wheels. If downhill, carving, pumping, and speedboaring is more your thing, then Orangatang wheels has got you covered  here as well. Check out  the Orangatang In Heat, and the 4President longboard wheels in different durometers and colors. Enjoy your next set of Orangatang longboard wheels!


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