Fat Tire Bike Tour Siletz Bay Beach Ride

Join us on our Siletz Bay Beach Ride. This is an amazing guided fat bike tour that starts at Safari Town Surf Shop and goes all the way to the Siletz Bay and back. On your way pedal right across the world’s shortest river (D- River) If its not too flowing too high.   This ride covers over 10.5 beautiful miles of beaches with stunning scenery with the Pacific Ocean right by your side. It is mostly flat with a small incline on the way back from the beach. You can stop for a breath of fresh air as you turn around at the stunning Siletz Bay.  There’s no better way to beat the traffic and experience all of the beauty Lincoln City beaches have to offer.   No need to transport the bikes… this ride starts and stops right from our Shop. Parking is available in the rear of our shop. We do have a 2 person minimum for this guided fat bike tour.

Siletz Bay Private Fat Bike Tour (2 Person Minimum) $139.00/ Person



Advance reservations recommended. Helmets recommended for all participants and required for guests 16 and under.


Siletz Bay Beach Ride Info:

Ride Length: 10.5 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Average Time 2-3.5 hrs… time varies depending on rider ability, wind, and beach conditions.

Elevation: 157 ft

Family Friendly:  This ride is a too far for most young kids.

Tips:  Always check the tides, beach conditions, and for any advisories!

Tide Chart


Fat biking Beach riding tips:

  • Try to plan your ride when the tide is lower. Look up the tides and don’t go around any headlands that may be impassable at higher tide.  You want to ride safely and avoid getting trapped anywhere by the incoming tide.
  • The hard packed sand is easier to pedal on than the soft sand and there is lots more hard pack at the lower tides.
  • Ride against the wind at the beginning so you don’t end up 5 miles down the beach and have to go against the wind to get back.
  • Mornings can often be less windy, but always check the forecast.
  • Don’t ride on days when the surf is hazardous and big tidal surges are predicted. You can check the surf report on our website.
  • Don’t ride in the salt water. It may be tempting, but it’s very hard on the bikes and gets sand into the drive train and cassette sprocket and that makes pedaling much more difficult. You want to keep the chain and components as free from sand as possible.
  • Rinse your bike thoroughly with fresh water immediately after your beach ride. This will help get the corrosive elements off your bike.
  • Be respectful of marine wildlife, and shore birds. Give them some space and stay clear of them.
  • Watch out for pedestrians and share the beach with others.
  • Bring your cell phone. They are great for taking photos, and if you get into any trouble you can call for help.


Fat Tire Bike Tour Siletz Bay Beach Ride