Safari Town Surfing Instructors

All of our surfing instructors are accomplished surfers and watermen with years of surfing experience and a vast knowledge of our local area and surf breaks.

Meet our surfing Instructors

Kevin Gile

Surfing Lesson Instructor Kevin Gile

Kevin started exploring the ocean not long after he could walk. Growing up on the Oregon Coast, Kevin spent a lot of time at the beach and working at the surf shop.  After dominating the local contest circuit as a kid, Kevin has grown away from competitive surfing, and now enjoys catching waves without the contest hype. He has a thorough knowledge of the ocean, and communicates well with others. Kevin can help you if you are a first timer, or if you want to take your surfing to the next level. He has also worked as a lifeguard for the City of Lincoln City.  He is also trained and certified with the American Red Cross in First Aid/CPR/AED to help insure your safety.

Kevin Gile American Red Cross CPR/ AED/First Aid Certificate

Tony Gile

Tony Gile Oregon Coast Surfing Instructor

Tony started surfing when he was 12 years old and was hooked after his first session. He has over 35 years of surfing experience, and can help first timers as well as those wanting to take their surfing further. Tony relates well to all age groups, but still likes to think of himself as a kid. Tony was so stoked on surfing he moved to Lincoln City in 1988 and opened Safari Town Surf Shop in 1989 where he still works and surfs today. He is also trained and certified with the American Red Cross in First Aid/CPR/AED to help insure your safety

Tony Gile American Red Cross CPR First Aid Certificate

Dayl Wood:

Safari Town Surfing Instructor Dayl Wood

Dayl has over 30 years of surfing experience on the Central Oregon Coast as well as in San Diego, California. He is an experienced surf instructor and has been one of our instructors for nearly 20 years.  He is also a local school teacher at Newport Middle School which helps him communicate well with people and students. We gets lots of compliments on what a great job Dayl does giving surf lessons and we are thankful to have him as one of our surf instructors. He has also recently successfully completed an extensive surf instructor accreditation course through NSSIA.

Dayl Wood Pediatric Plus First Aid / CPR  / AED Cerfification Expires 2/15/20

Kendal Gile

Lincoln City Surfing Instructor Kendal Gile

Kendal Gile grew up as the youngest of 3 surfing siblings. He was anxious to keep up with his older brother and sister and began surfing basically as soon as he could walk. Kendal has always had a love of the ocean and especially the creatures that dwell in it. He has spent his entire life studying and immersing himself (literally) in the ocean. He is an excellent waterman and has a lifetime of experience in understanding the fundamentals of surfing. He is capable of introducing a first timer to the joys of surfing, as well as advancing the intermediate surfer to the next level. Kendal is finishing his degree at OSU as a marine biologist. He is also trained and certified with the American Red Cross in First Aid & CPR to help insure your safety.

Kendal Gile American Red Cross First Aid CPR Certificate

Deklyn Wood

Safari Town Surfing Instructor Deklyn Wood

Deklyn started surfing when he was 7 years old and has been stoked on the ocean ever since. With a bachelor's degree in aquatic biology, his knowledge of the ocean extends both as a surfer and a marine scientist. He has also taken his surfing and passion for the ocean around the world, and in 2016 was named Australia’s Southwest Boardriders Club Champion.  He loves sharing his passion with others and is always encouraging and helpful in the water. Deklyn also recently completed an extensive surf instructor accreditation course through NSSIA and has successfully completed a wilderness first aid course.

Chase Prins

Chase Prins Safari Town Surfing Instructor

Chase has lived at the Oregon Coast his whole life. Around 4 years ago Chase learned to surf at a beach day event Safari Town Surf shop sponsored. After one lesson he was stoked. Once he bought his first board and got a hand-me-down wetsuit he surfed all that he could. After surfing for a while he began to paddle out with Dayl and Deklyn Wood who helped him progress and learn quickly.

A few years down the road Chase now has 5 surfboards and surfs any chance he can. He currently is studying at Oregon State University with an Environmental Science Degree specializing in Aquatic Biology. Chase thinks that being a surf instructor is an incredible way to get to share the ocean and excitement of surfing with everyone.  He hopes that everyone gets a chance to ride a wave in their lifetime. Previously working as a lifeguard and spending lots of time in the water makes him very comfortable in the surf.

Chase is also trained and certified with the American Red Cross in First Aid/CPR/AED to help insure your safety.

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